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He’s been called one of the best slide guitar players in the country and a flawless lead and rhythm player. So why don’t more people know his name? A native son of New Jersey, Too Tall Tom Dimock played the famous Asbury Park bars for years as a member of some of the hottest bands around, but he’s never been into the glory, only the music. He used to prefer to stay out of the limelight, content just to do his job and play cover music. When he moved to the mountains of North Carolina twelve years ago, something in him changed.

He played the club circuit in Asheville for a few years and was asked to play the National Slide Guitar Festival several times, but after awhile he tired of the same ol’ grind, so he decided to leave the clubs, go home, and concentrate on writing music. He set up a digital studio in a back bedroom and began to record his original music.

 With his background as an Adjunct Professor of Electronic Music and a sometimes recording engineer he already knew his way around a studio, so he occasionally takes outside clients, but mostly records his own stuff. He recorded 2  cds when he was still in NJ - one as a student project (won him high honors and a job in the Music Department) and now has eleven original albums to his name, all of which have won critical acclaim from press, listeners, musicians and  internet radio stations.

Occasionally Tom still wanders into a club or private gig and anyone who’s ever seen him play always makes room for him on stage. Tom has won many accolades over the years,  including winning the title of Best Electric Slide Gt112uitar Player at the National Guitar Festival in Gray, TN. He was voted Best Jersey Shore Guitar Player by the Society of Associated Performers in the 90s.  In 2010 he was an Editor's Pick at Guitar Player Magazine for being one of the Top 10 Guitarists on MySpace Music. 

His influences are wide and varied, from the usual to the unheard of.. He  says, “I’ve been lucky to have played with some truly great musicians, and I’ve been influenced by all of them.”

BRIEF BAND HISTORY (for those who care)

Screaming Neil, Periphery, Honkey, White Kracker, Zotz, Krackit, Side-To-Side, Shore Shot, Paul Whistler & The Jersey All Stars, Big Danny & The Boppers, Z Band, Renegade Blues Band, Bob Killian Band, South Seventh, The George Theiss Band, Rude Awakening, Blackberry Blues Band,  Chuck Beattie & Blues By Design, True Blue, Slide Glide and more. Those bands opened for people like Robin Trower, Richie Havens, Shemieka Copeland, Johnny Copeland, Delbert McClinton, Koko Taylor, and more.


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With The George Theiss Band in 1987

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